We’re Your Finance Team for Hire

Inflammo fuels the growth of angel, seed and venture-backed companies by providing finance and accounting services.

We believe that companies, regardless of size or resources, should have access to world-class financial sophistication. From tools and processes to services and cost, Inflammo exists to fill this need for amazing teams and businesses.

What We Do Better

Back-Office Accounting Platform

Inflammo takes the bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting off your plate, giving your team bandwidth to focus on your product and your customers.

Leg-Up Financial Reporting

Data is everything, and the same holds true for your business. Inflammo’s proprietary financial reporting gives you the depth and insight you need when you need it.

Built to Scale Financial Foundation

Your financial foundation can make or break you when it comes to raising capital, managing capital and long-term growth. We set you up to shine for investors and position you for scale with a no-fail foundation.

Project & Transaction Services

From cash flow modeling to due diligence support, Inflammo’s team of Investment Bankers, CPAs and CFOs will do the heavy lifting for all your finance and growth capital needs.

Cash Management

A go-forward focus is critical when you are going places. So we take your forecasting and cash flow management seriously, keeping our eyes on the road for you.

Solutions Team

Whether you need a fractional CFO, a part-time bookkeeper or an interim genius while you look for a replacement, our multidisciplinary finance team is your best move.

Approach Driven by Integrity



Industry experts with unwavering integrity

When you are on the fast track, you need people by your side who want to help you get there. Inflammo specializes in meeting your accounting and finance needs with the best and brightest.

We build our team with people you would want on yours – people with uncompromising integrity who make it a priority to inspire excellence. With seasoned CPAs, CFOs, and Investment Bankers under our roof, you are only one call away from a team of diverse subject matter experts.



Smarter technologies & solutions

Early stage companies are too often held back by the absence of a dynamite accounting and finance team – and one that isn’t just focused on the debits and credits. Inflammo provides the full suite of finance and accounting services with better tools, sharper reporting and ridiculously great service.

Our proprietary processes wrapped around cloud-based technologies give you the data you need in a format that works. From basic bookkeeping to investment banking, and from payroll to profit analysis, it’s all in our wheelhouse.



Emphasis on relationship 

Vendors nickel and dime. Partners deliver with your best interest in mind. At Inflammo, our definition of success is the assurance of yours.

We believe in doing things differently. We make it a priority to exceed your expectations every time. With no long-term contract, you can rest assured we will go above and beyond to keep you happy. Consider it a built-in performance guarantee.

Shadowing Thyself to Provide Light to Others

Inflammo’s roots date back to a simple two-fold question being asked:

  1. What is it that we truly enjoy doing?
  2. And is there a way to do it:
    1. With people we would enjoy doing it with
    2. And for the benefit of many?

Once the answers to the above became increasingly more evident, so did next steps. And with that, Inflammo was born.

At Inflammo, our vision is clear and mission is simple: Empowered Partners. Enriched Communities. It’s about advancing the mission, advancing the ideas, advancing the dreams of others. It’s about investing our time, our talent, our treasure – all in an effort of helping you in advancing yours. It’s about doing what we do well – so that you can focus on what you do well. And it’s carrying the conviction that if we are successful in our commitment to that – our vision takes one more step toward reality.

Inflammo: Together we can empower. Together we can enrich.

The Team

We are a well-rounded team of former CPAs, Investment Bankers & CFOs who are passionate about growing companies with excellence. Our team knows what it takes to make finance actionable and we meet clients where they are in the journey to growth.

Let's Get Growing

We look forward to hearing from you!


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